investigating ideas and conceptions aesthetics in different ways


What we can do together

For every need there is a solution, we just have to choose the right tools and build it with creativity.

Graphic design

I can develop brands that are highlighted through strategies, innovative elements, and business objectives. Translate concepts into visual elements to attract results.

Digital marketing

I can design and plan unique communications, create valuable relationships, and position brands in the mouths of the world. I can leave my mark on my clients' brands


In a philosophical way I feel that I am the daughter of the sea breeze and the smell of the earth, I like to sail the high seas with my feet firmly on the ground.
In my grandmother’s art gallery, I fell in love with art of the most varied shapes and forms.
I graduated in marketing at the University of Algarve (UALG) and then I felt the need to take a course in graphic design at the School of Innovation and Creation Technologies (ETIC). I believe that the fusion of Marketing and Design are drivers of greater creative thinking, in the conception of the campaign, with a view to the visual identity of the brand, product or service, projecting its values and mission. My goal is to use my creative energy to solve problems of different natures, implementing advertising and design strategies in their resolutions. I am looking for amazing mentors and talented colleagues to satisfy nice and not so nice clients. 


Digital Marketing Specialist

“Matilde is incredibly creative and puts love into everything she does. She is someone who is a pleasure to be around because of her positive attitude. With her dedication, I have no doubt that the sky will not be her limit..”

Carlos Pinga

Owner Ski Molhado, Water Sports

“(…)performing her duties with great pride and professionalism. Punctual, assiduous, friendly and communicative, both with costumers and work colleagues. Characteristics that accompany her in any company. Thanks Matilde you always have the doors open to Ski Molhado.”

Roberto Reigado

Brand & digital designer

“It was a delight to work with Matilde, she´s a very proactive worker that always helped the design team to come up with concepts and refreshing ideas. Definitely a great add to any Marketing team!”

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